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Original Research

Regulation and valuation of non-International Financial Reporting Standards disclosures  
Sadhir Issirinarain, Michael Adelowotan, Marybeth Rouse
23 November 2023

Original Research

Analysing the impact of COVID-19 on the digital strategies of South African retailers  
Faith Shenjere, Susanna L. Middelberg
23 November 2023

Reviewer Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement to reviewers  
Editorial Office
14 November 2023

Original Research

Determinants of South African agricultural exports to African markets  
Thembalethu M. Seti
31 October 2023

Original Research

The value relevance of EBITDA and book values: Evidence from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange  
Ronald Nhleko, Daniel P. Schutte, Merwe Oberholzer
27 September 2023

Original Research

Factors that motivate millennial accountancy professionals in industry to become academics  
Christi Leonard, Jaco Moolman, Christina C. Shuttleworth
06 September 2023

Original Research

Demystifying the use of corporate social responsibility terminology in the investment context  
Kara Nel, Pierre D. Erasmus, Nadia Mans-Kemp
25 August 2023

Original Research - Special Collection: Wars and pandemics economic and financial consequences

Developing country educators’ experiences of higher education teaching during COVID-19  
Monique Keevy, Grietjie Verhoef, Meredith Tharapos
15 June 2023

Original Research

Day labouring in Southern Africa after the global economic and financial crisis: The case of Pretoria and Windhoek  
Anthonie M. van Wyk, Phillip F. Blaauw, Catherina Schenck
31 May 2023

Original Research

Living annuity satisfaction  
Jeannie de Villiers-Strijdom, Niel Krige
22 May 2023
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Event: Open Access Week 2023 - Embracing community over commercialisation


AOSIS is celebrating Open Access Week 2023! This year’s theme, ‘Community over Commercialisation’, aligns with our mission to democratise scholarly knowledge. We’ve curated three articles on open access  for you, please select each heading to read the full article:
1. Open access: A bridge to public interest amid commercialisation
2. Community over commercialisation: Combating knowledge monopolies in scholarly publishing
3. Knowledge for all: The rise and impact of open publishing platforms
By reading these articles, you’ll expand your horizons and deepen your understanding of the open access landscape.

Posted: 2023-10-23

Event: Experience the excitement of AOSIS Laureatus Awards 2023: Videos now available for viewing!


We are pleased to announce that the AOSIS Laureatus Awards 2023 videos are ready for viewing. This year’s awards, divided into three videos, is hosted by AOSIS’ Executive Chairman, Dr Pierre de Villiers, and our Chief Executive Officer, Cecile de Villiers. The three award categories are the Journal Indexing Awards, Journal Article Citations Awards, and the Book Downloads Awards. We invite you to join us to recognise the remarkable achievements of our editors and authors at the AOSIS Laureatus Awards (click here). We eagerly anticipate observing the remarkable accomplishments that our editors and authors will achieve this year.

Posted: 2023-10-26

Press Release: Online Resource & News Portal - Department of Health, Republic of South Africa

Visit www.sacoronavirus.co.za for up to date information about the COVID-19 Pandemic. Hotline: 0800 029 999 | WhatsApp: 0600-123456  
Posted: 2022-01-27
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